Next Generation Video: Beyond 4K

Daryl Malas
Principal Architect, Advanced Technology Group

Apr 20, 2015

4K Video has captured the attention of consumers, retailers and television manufacturers. Next generation video is not just about 4K, though. Improving the video experience goes beyond resolution itself.

CableLabs operates a Video Quality Lab at its Louisville, CO facility where various formats of video streams have been analyzed, compared, and tested in a controlled environment. I have produced a short video that explains factors beyond 4K such as bit depth, color space and high dynamic range that we encourage you to view.

Technical advances offer a new standard for bit depth. Previously 8 bits, the anticipated de facto standard will increase to 10 bits, which will reduce the undesirable phenomenon of color banding for a cleaner consumer experience.

Regarding color space, television manufacturers are anticipated to adopt the ITU Standard of BT.2020 that increases the size of the color gamut.

Finally, high dynamic range, recently introduced to motion pictures, increases the peak luminance output, so that the brighter portions of the video increase in intensity while maintaining detail in the dark portions of the video .

Experience these new video technologies during this 3-minute video segment.

Daryl Malas is Principal Architect in the Application Technologies Group at CableLabs.