The Near Future

Step Inside

The Near Future

The Near Future films are produced to help innovators imagine future ways that people may interact in a highly connected and immersive world. When we can deeply envision and experience possible futures, we can better imagine the supporting technologies needed to enrich our lives, our businesses and our communities. 

The Films / Story

Behind the TechThe Near Future. Step Inside.

The latest film, “Step Inside,” provides an exhilarating vision into a possible future for Clara, Ben and their kids. Watch as they walk with prowling tigers, redirect ships to safety in a hurricane and receive calming guidance—and, sometimes, a joke or two—from their personal avatars.

Behind the TechThe Near Future. Diverse Thinkers Wanted.

We’ll soon be able to access all the information we need, whenever we need it—without moving a muscle. A suite of smart, intuitive technologies will transform the way we collaborate and solve problems, boosting creativity and productivity in every aspect of our professional and personal lives. The future of work never looked brighter.

Behind the TechThe Near Future. Ready for Anything.

Let’s explore the near-future technology that will revolutionize the way we absorb new information and redefine education as we know it. With the right tools, you can learn about the world—and the entire universe—by experiencing it firsthand. Welcome to the future where knowledge is limited only by your imagination.

Behind the TechThe Near Future. A Better Place.

It’s not what we create, but why. What is even more incredible than the future tech, is what the creations make possible. Take a look at tech that will truly change the way we connect and interact with one another and the world around us.

Behind the TechThe Near Future. Bring It On.

Our homes will require fast networks with multi-gigabit speeds. This film Illustrates next generation services enabled by high speed low latency networks. Make no mistake – the technologies profiled are under development today, and coming to us in the near future.

Phil McKinney, President and CEO of CableLabs, talks about the technologies illustrated in the film, and how they will affect and benefit our daily lives, in the near future.