The CableLabs Technology Vision

Driving technology development & Innovation for the Broadband industry

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A high-impact framework advancing connectivity for all

These key themes and focus areas will collectively benefit the industry by driving competitiveness, scale and alignment while also cultivating technologies for the future.

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Entering a new era

Gone are the days of focusing primarily on speed. We are embarking on a new age of seamless experiences and networks that adapt to the needs of users and devices in real time. In setting a target for ubiquitous, context-aware connectivity and intelligent, adaptive networks, together we will drive new innovations that transform the connectivity experience.

Key Themes

The framework defines three key themes that encompass the scope of broadband technologies: Seamless Connectivity, Network Platform Evolution and Pervasive Intelligence, Security & Privacy. This offers a concise model for building adaptive networks.

Seamless Connectivity

A Context-Aware Network

Connectivity anywhere and from any device without concern for the access network technology or how the user is moving across the network. The network is context-aware and effectively invisible to the user or device while providing connectivity services that match the needs of the interaction.

Network Platform Evolution

Built for the Future

Innovations that will drive the most optimal network architectures for our members, ensuring optionality and unmatched flexibility while delivering seamless connectivity experiences to our users.

Pervasive Intelligence, Security & Privacy

Smart, Secure, Sustainable & Reliable

Intelligence at every point in the network to ensure high performance, reliability, security, and privacy for all users and devices in any connectivity context.

Focus Areas

The following core areas focus on delivering network solutions that are flexible, reliable and capable of enabling new services and improved user experiences. 

Interops & Vendor Ecosystem

Ensuring interoperability of components across a diverse vendor ecosystem to promote industry-leading solutions for network deployments

Fixed Network Evolution

Innovation that pushes the limits of today’s network architectures to deliver the most advanced, flexible and performant networks

Advanced Optics

Research to ensure state-of-the-art optics solutions find their way into the evolution of our networks

Security & Privacy

Defining security policy and implementing scalable security solutions that evolve as our networks advance

Specifications & Standards

Facilitating the development of specifications and standards in collaboration with our members and the vendor community while protecting critical industry intellectual property

Network as a Service

Offering integrations through third-party developers that can leverage differentiated network capabilities to unlock new value and revenue opportunities for operators

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Fixed-Mobile Convergence & Wireless

Driving advancements in Wi-Fi and mobile wireless communications to create the best possible experience for our members’ customers

Intelligence, Reliability & Performance

Advancing network telemetry and automation to ensure networks perform optimally and mitigate disruptions without human intervention

Advanced Research

Investigating the latest in communication protocols, new forms of computing and emerging AI technologies to determine their applicability to our network architectures

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