Decades of communications technology expertise, relationships and partnerships position Kyrio as the most trusted source for network equipment testing and software services.

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SCTE moves member companies forward – preparing the workforce of tomorrow and putting leaders in the conversations that matter. For more than five decades, the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers has served as the applied science leader for the cable telecommunication industry.

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Tomorrow starts here

We energize the ecosystem for scale and speed.

We build platforms–technologies and specifications–-that help support a wide variety of services and applications, enabling one cohesive and seamless ecosystem that continually fuels the imaginations of millions.

Input & Output

Start-up Ecosystem

UpRamp has built an ecosystem designed to connect startups and entrepreneurs with the connectivity industry through a variety of programs for every stage of the entrepreneurial life cycle. UpRamp can help them identify, test, develop and commercialize new technologies that can benefit the entire cable industry and beyond.

Input & Output


New ideas and partnerships are how we cultivate innovation. By joining forces with another company to pursue an idea, we can share unique skillsets, lower costs and mitigate risk, thus amplifying our chances of achieving groundbreaking results.

Commercialization Output


By keeping our technology royalty-free (or very low fee) and our software open source, we make it equally accessible to everyone. Because companies and developers are free to build on each other's technology, without the fear of having to pay royalties, doors are opened for new improvements and innovations that may have not been possible

Commercialization Output

Government Agencies

We work with government agencies to understand public policy priorities and educate policymakers on new and emerging technologies. Increased alignment between industry and governments enables a more rapid pace of technological innovation and deployment.

Commercialization Output

Standard Bodies

Standards bodies provide the on-ramp to the global information and communication technology marketplace, enabling consumers and network operators to easily access our innovations. Engagement in these organizations promotes scale and scope and lowers the cost of incorporating new technologies.

Input & Output


By partnering with our vendor community, we are able to bring industry awareness to their research, reduce their R&D risk and bring products to market quickly and cost effectively.

Input & Output


We look to our members to identify issues in the cable industry. As field experts, they’re in the best position to know which problems need to be solved now and which ones to watch out for in the future. This is often the first step in our innovation process.

Innovation Input

University Research

We connect professors, students, and technical leaders with the most interesting problems in the cable industry, providing resources, expertise, data, laboratory, and real-life environments for discovering and testing bright new ideas.

Innovation Input

Other Industries

Kyrio is able to amplify CableLabs work to other industries, including energy, medical, and industrial and commercial IoT. Kyrio works with several trade associations, including the Center for Medical Interoperability, OpenADR Alliance, the Open Connectivity Foundation and the Wireless Broadband Alliance. The SCTE Explorer Initiative, part of its Standards Program, brings together thought leaders from across industries to focus on emerging services and technologies that will impact telecommunications. SCTE also partners with US Ignite for Smart Cities, HIMSS to transform the healthcare ecosystem, and global trade associations including NCTA, NAB, and ANGA COM.

Our Impact

Strengthening Broadband Globally

  • $460 billion

    industry influenced by CableLabs

  • 800+

    granted patents over 30+ years

  • Over half a billion

    individuals use one or more CableLabs technologies every day

  • Over 66%

    of internet-connected U.S. households and over half of all Canadian households use CableLabs technology

  • 2,250+

    vendor companies are actively engaged with CableLabs

  • More than 550 million

    devices have been shipped based on CableLabs’ cable modem specification

The Inventions

With over 150 years of collective experience and 800+ patents and published inventions across a multitude of industries, we’re obsessed with inventing a better tomorrow.

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Our Team

Meet the team who wakes up to invent the future.

By connecting our greatest minds with yours, we power the science that connects people and networks. Together we’re revolutionizing the future of connectivity.

Our History

For over 30 years, we've been at the forefront of innovation.

The broadband industry has relied on CableLabs as a crucial source for technological breakthroughs. We help companies accelerate growth and consistently live up to consumers’ evolving expectations. Throughout cable’s evolution, our focus has shifted to meet these needs. At each stage on this path, operators’ investments in our inventions have ushered the world into the information age.

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