CableLabs Vendor Community

The CableLabs Vendor Community is composed of companies from around the world who develop and convene to innovate the hardware, software, platform and technology service solutions used by broadband service providers. Join the vendor community and become part of this dynamic ecosystem that impacts the future of connectivity.

Learn How to Join
A man in a lab coat soldering a board.

Vendor Community Focus Areas

These are the areas for vendor collaboration.

  • Advanced Optics & Fiber
  • Mobile
  • Hybrid Fiber Coax
  • Wi-Fi
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Convergence (Wireless & Wireline)

Benefits at a Glance

As part of the community, you have access to a forum that brings together network technology strategists, network architects and technical product managers across a wide range of network access technologies. Benefits of being a part of the community include:

  • Opportunities to showcase products and services, and connect with members at Winter Conference and Innovation Showcases

  • Staying up to date on emerging technologies and strategies by participating in Envision Vendor Forum, a digital event

  • Participation in industry working groups to develop technology specifications and proof-of-concepts

  • Updates on new technology white papers and other CableLabs’ work

  • Invitations to key webinars

  • Opportunities to join open-source communities

Interested in Joining the Vendor Community?

To gain access to Vendor benefits and the online portal, your company must apply and be approved. There is no fee for vendor companies to join the community.

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*The release of technology and software during CableLabs’ events and activities is limited to that which is published, for standards-related activities, or otherwise uncontrolled under U.S. export control regulations. CableLabs is committed to complying with U.S. export control regulations and does not permit the release of other types of technology or software absent a determination that U.S. government licenses would not be required for the release.