University Partnerships

Innovation through strong relationships with academic organizations opens new paths for bringing game-changing technology to the market.

CableLabs partners with universities around the world to bring game changing technology to market.

We connect professors, students, and technical leaders with the most interesting problems in the cable industry, providing resources, expertise, data, laboratory, and real life environments for discovering and testing bright new ideas.

Georgia Tech

5G Wireless

Learn about 5G Wireless technology research with Georgia Tech.

New York University

5G / 6G Technologies

Learn about 5G and 6G technologies with New York University.

Case Study


  • University Team
    Professor Indrajit Ray, Computer Science Department
  • CableLabs Team
    Steve Goeringer, Distinguished Technologist, Security

    Ronald Reuss, VP, Technology Strategy
  • Innovation Area: Internet of Things (IoT)

Other Resources

A Vision for Secure IoT

IoT Security Testing

The Internet of Things is the profusion of small, inexpensive, power efficient sensors and devices that make environments safer, smarter, and more responsive. But these devices will also create enormous challenges in configuration and especially in protecting them from hacking and abuse. Faculty and graduate students at Colorado State University are working closely with CableLabs scientists to develop, prototype, and validate new ways to discover and protect against security holes. These insights will color a breadth of standards across cable and other industries, as well as comprehensive new testing services that Kyrio will be able to make available to the ecosystem.

Core Security Architecture

CableLabs has been working closely with researchers at CSU to develop new ways to identify, measure and mitigate cyber attacks. Two projects in particular have shown great promise. BGPMon uses real time network data provided by the Oregon Route Views Project to indicate and alert when BGP routes may be hijacked, and to identify unusual international traffic route detours. BGPMon has been of interest to cable operators. NetBrane applies multiple strategies to mitigate distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. It combines big data, high speed packet inspection (100Gpbs) and a software defined network to create agile response to rapidly evolving DDoS events.

Case Study


  • University Team
    Professor Gee-Kung Chang, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • CableLabs Team
    Steve Jia, Distinguished Technologist, Wired Technologies

    Ronald Reuss, VP, Technology Strategy
  • Innovation Area: 5G (Wireless)


The Fiber-Wireless Integration and Networking (FiWIN) Center

5G wireless technologies are stretching throughput, scale, and performance with a special focus on supporting ultra-low latency applications, internet of things devices in high quantity, and multi-Gbps mobile broadband speeds. Many devices will connect to the cable network through these improving radio technologies, and Georgia Insitute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and CableLabs are exploring the limits of radio, optical and combined technologies to deliver on this promise.

As the industry evolves toward Node+0 architectures, the volume of optical connections to intelligent nodes will increase substantially compared to traditional architectures. Coherent optics technology offers a future-proofing solution for cable operators to meet bandwidth demand without the need for retrenching to lay new fibers. Through collaboration with Georgia Tech, CableLabs is accelerating high capacity optics for the cable industry.

Case Study


  • University Team
    Professor Tom Marzetta, Director and Distinguished Industry Professor of NYU Wireless

    Professor Ted Rappaport, Founding Director of NYU Wireless

    The NYU Wireless team of researchers
  • CableLabs Team
    Bernard McKibben, Distinguished Technologist, Wireless Technologies

    Ronald Reuss, VP, Technology Strategy

    Greg White, Distinguished Technologist, Next-Gen Systems
  • Innovation Area: 5G (Wireless)


NYU Wireless is an ecosystem leading research center for 5G and 6G technologies. Their ground breaking work on 5G technologies and spectrum provided the vision of what is possible with 5G, and generated momentum to launch the development of 5G systems.

CableLabs engages NYU Wireless on their most recent work including:

  • 6G spectrum, signal properties and propagation
  • Advanced architectures for 5G and 6G systems
  • End-to-end analysis and simulation of 5G architectures, protocols and use cases
  • New applications for 5G networks
  • 100GHz+ components and circuit design
  • Advanced antenna systems, including approaches beyond massive MIMO
  • Metro area test beds for 5G services

CableLabs engages NYU Wireless as an Industrial Affiliate. This enables CableLabs to provide advice on the future direction of wireless research, and gain access to the latest research at NYU Wireless. Through our collaboration with NYU Wireless, CableLabs is advancing the application of 5G and 6G technologies to our member’s networks and service offerings.

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New ideas and partnerships are how we cultivate innovation. If you have an idea that could benefit from partnering with CableLabs and the network we can provide or are interested in partnering with us as a member to get more involved, connect with us directly so we can start a conversation.

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