CableLabs Recruiting and Culture

As a technology company, we often let our work take center stage, but, ultimately, it’s our team—not the technology—that is the true driving force behind innovation. A team that values integrity, individuals, innovation and impact in everything we do. From our interns all the way to the CEO, we believe that as long as we adhere to these core values, we will always be ready to take on the future.

Integrity is foundational

In everything we do, we value honesty, transparency, confidentiality and accuracy in order to create high trust relationships with our employees, member companies and customers.

Individuals bring unique qualities

In all of our employees, member companies and customers, we value their diversity, treat them with respect and provide support for their unique needs.

Innovation is a team sport

Through collaboration and teamwork, we take risks in our experimentation and continuous improvement without fearing failure.

Impact beyond our size

We deliver innovations with excellence to our stakeholders that make a positive difference in how people live, work, learn and play.

  • ~200

    CableLabs employees, yet we influence a $450 billion industry

  • 300+

    granted patents over 30+ years

  • 64

    member companies across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia

  • 200M+

    cable customers worldwide

  • 400K+

    miles of fiber optics in the US

  • 22M+

    Cable Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide

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