How CableLabs Can Meet All Your Head End Needs

How CableLabs Can Meet All Your Head End Needs


Jul 1, 2014

You may have heard that CableLabs offers a variety of testing and certification labs available for use across the cable industry. But what exactly does that mean? We’ll be taking a closer look at the facilities CableLabs offers, both in Colorado and California, so you can see why we might be a good fit for your needs.

And where better to start than at the beginning? Or in cable terms, the head end.

What is a Head End? 

For those not familiar with the term, a head end is what takes satellite signals, processes them, and distributes the data across the network (and into your home).  Of course, that’s an abbreviated version. For a more in-depth look, check out this blog.

But we’re not here to tell you what head ends are or how they work; we want to tell you about our unique head end facilities.

Lab Equipmentcropped

What Does CableLabs Offer in Terms of Head Ends?

CableLabs provides a very unique head-end testing environment. We are flexible, agile, and built to accommodate whatever is needed.

Need to test your equipment in an environment similar to a rural area in Atlanta? We can do that. What if you need to know how your equipment will respond to a European head-end environment? We’ve got that covered too. And of course, you can test within any of the major North American head-end environments, too.

In fact, we currently offer five main head ends to plug into at any given time. And while that’s nice, it’s the customization and flexibility of our setup that sets CableLabs apart from other testing facilities.

“We’re here to serve. We want to make it as smooth as possible,” says Matthew Lambert, Head Engineer.

Matthew says that the head end engineering team can customize a testing environment for practically any scenario. “We’re lean, fast, agile, and like to move quickly.”

Not only that, but CableLabs has experts on hand offering decades of experience and support.

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How Do I take Advantage of CableLabs’ Head End Labs?

We have several lab spaces available for rental.  You can come for a day, a week, a month, or even longer.

If you’re interested in using our labs to test your equipment, email with your inquiry, and take a look at our webpage regarding the interop and development labs.

Hopefully we will see you soon!

By James Kerley -