Behind the Tech: Connected Healthcare and The Near Future. A Better Place

Connected Healthcare - The Near Future. A Better Place.


Aug 31, 2017

Our short film The Near Future: A Better Place explores how emerging technologies in healthcare will transform our daily lives and allow us to age gracefully in place. We envision a future where embedded IoT devices are able to monitor us anywhere, keeping us safe and healthy longer. These technologies, once thought of as science fiction, rely on the high speed, secure, reliable wireless connectivity and networking protocols enabled by the cable industry. Below, take an inside look at the tech featured in our film that will change the way we connect and interact with the world around us.

Smart Medicine

Battery free ingestible pills containing microchips optimise drug levels and transmit a signal to doctors where effects can be monitored and displayed.

Brain Scans

Neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and strokes are easily detected through high-resolution MRI’s able to probe the microstructure of the brain.

Sensory Body Reading

Wireless, water resistant sensors are able to monitor vital signs and bio activity on a continuing basis. Health issues are detected early on by monitoring daily trends.

Remote Diagnostics

Say goodbye to those monthly doctor’s visits and weekly blood tests! Mobile monitoring allows doctors to monitor patients in real time via a secure connection, enjoying a complete healthcare appointment from the comfort of your own home.

Networked Health Care and Smart Cities

Sensors in the home and city infrastructure monitor weather, temperature, pollution and pollen allowing seniors to make the best decision for their daily activities.

AI Agents

Cookie, the AI agent in the film, is able to take the place of an in-home nurse or doctors visit by providing an in-home companion capable of social interaction and health monitoring that is fully knowledgeable of treatments and drug regimes.

Nano Surgery

Nanobots powered by electromagnetic impulses are injected directly into the bloodstream and able to treat diseases more efficiently and accurately, making certain diseases a thing of the past.


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