Celebrating 5 Years of 10G: Revolutionizing Connectivity and Igniting the Future  

10G Milestones


Jan 3, 2024

The broadband industry stands on the threshold of transforming the online experience through widespread deployment of the 10G network. With technologies capable of delivering faster speeds, lower latencies, enhanced reliability and better security in a scalable manner, 10G is already available for many home and business applications — and soon, the network will be widely available for many more.

“CableLabs, along with our members and the vendor community, made remarkable progress on the path to 10G. The near future is here,” said Phil McKinney, CableLabs President and CEO. “When we announced the promise of 10G in 2019, we set ambitious goals on our 10G roadmap — and we are pleased that our efforts have delivered transformative, next-generation technology that will support future generations for years to come.”

What Milestones Were Reached?

Over the past year, the broadband industry has seen significant progress toward faster download speeds, reduced buffering, lower latency and better security. Ultimately, these efforts will deliver more reliable user experiences to support immersive media, videoconferencing, gaming, artificial intelligence and other applications. Built upon existing hybrid fiber coax (HFC) infrastructure, such experiences will soon be widely available thanks to progress in key areas.

DOCSIS 4.0 Specifications and Events 

DOCSIS® 4.0 technology makes it possible to support high reliability and security while delivering symmetrical multigigabit speeds and low latency. In 2023, CableLabs published the certification for DOCSIS 4.0 cable modems and certified the first cable modem with Low Latency DOCSIS (LLD) support. In addition, we hosted interoperability events focusing on speed, security and reliability. These events brought together suppliers and operators to share knowledge and technology advancements.

FTTP Adoption 

Accelerating the adoption of fiber to the premises (FTTP) is a critical step toward harnessing the potential of the passive optical network (PON). To move the needle in this area, CableLabs spearheaded two working groups in 2023 to facilitate fiber network collaboration. One group continues to focus on optical operations and maintenance, while the other is working toward developing a DOCSIS framework specification for provisioning International Telecommunication Union (ITU)-based PON technology.

Low Latency DOCSIS 

Comcast kicked off the first Low Latency DOCSIS field trials. CableLabs also certified the first cable modem with LLD support.

CPON Architecture

Alongside DOCSIS 4.0 advancements and FTTP adoption, coherent PON (CPON) developments help prepare networks for the increased demands of the future. Using the newly released CPON specification, CableLabs worked to define the high-level architecture, setting the stage for supporting increased capacity per wavelength, extended reach and higher port density.

Member 10G Network Deployments

CableLabs members also made strides toward 10G adoption in 2023, and broadband providers around the world announced their roadmaps to deployment. Many of these companies have already begun physical deployment or are working toward it, including:

Charter — As it continues its network expansion across the nation, Charter named several vendor partners to support its roadmap toward network-wide symmetrical multi-gigabit service.

Comcast — Comcast began the nation’s largest and fastest multi-gig rollouts with its Xfinity 10G network, upgrading service to 10 million homes and businesses. The company also introduced next-generation internet powered by DOCSIS 4.0 technology to the world’s first residential customers.

Cox — With recent lab tests of DOCSIS 4.0 technology, Cox has continued to reaffirm its commitment to the 10G initiative, planning a multi-billion-dollar annual infrastructure investment to build a 10G network.

Mediacom Mediacom, a CableLabs member working to build fiber-optic infrastructure in smaller towns and cities in America, began transitioning Iowa’s leading gigabit network to 10G in 2023.

VodafoneZiggo — Liberty Global’s Dutch subsidiary became the first company in the world to conduct a DOCSIS 4.0 test on a live network.

GCI and Midco — These two companies are among CableLabs’ members on target to achieve 10G speeds by 2025.

What’s Ahead in 2024?

With the start of a new year, we’re gazing out over the horizon to a future where interoperability, low latency and reliable connections are the norm in every home and office building.

CableLabs will continue to lead the charge toward 10G realization by advancing technology innovation, fostering interoperability and supporting member deployments. As the leading innovation and R&D lab for the broadband industry, we remain committed to empowering next-generation broadband connectivity with technologies that meet or exceed the evolving needs of the industry.