CableLabs Builds Its Presence in Silicon Valley

CableLabs Builds Its Presence in Silicon Valley Wayne Surdam

Wayne Surdam
VP of Communications

Nov 10, 2014

Over the past twenty-five years, CableLabs has acted as a hub for an ever-growing network of cable-related innovation. A year ago we opened CableLabs’ new Sunnyvale office in the heart of Silicon Valley. The new office is designed to provide lab facilities, and more importantly a strategically located gathering point and innovation catalyst for our valued members, vendors, and area startups focused on cable and broadband systems.

As in Colorado, the Silicon Valley office is increasingly seen as a focal point for all things cable, providing professional meeting, training, work, and lab spaces. We are delighted to provide a central gathering point for industry thought-leaders to meet and openly discuss issues relevant to developing technologies, as well as the overall process of innovation. Cable operator and technologist interaction events at the CableLabs’ Silicon Valley office have included:

  • INNOVATION BOOT CAMP – a weeklong training on the successful FIRE methodology of innovation and growth.
  • UX/UI SUMMIT – a day of connection and networking on issues affecting user experience and user interface design in the cable industry.
  • INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT) WORKSHOP – a forum to develop a technical roadmap for providing connectivity and management services in an IoT world.
  • INTEROP LAB EVENTS – ongoing events that provide suppliers with a unique opportunity to test products in a multi-supplier environment and/or with CableLabs-provided testing platforms (also interconnected with our Louisville, CO office).
  • HIGH-LEVEL DECISION MAKING - countless board and committee meetings from cable executives, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs to engineers, project managers and product designers.

We are excited and proud of the Silicon Valley office’s growth in popularity and relevance as an epicenter of industry-wide innovation. CableLabs, as a non-profit consortium, provides a unique environment for open and objective collaboration, research, and development.

The CableLabs’ Silicon Valley office is staffed, open, and available to all of our valued members and vendors. It is also available for events, directly or indirectly connected to cable.

Please visit for upcoming events (in Louisville, CO; Sunnyvale, CA; and elsewhere), or contact Tahiya Chin at or 669-777-9035 to discuss your event.

By Wayne Surdam, VP of Communications, CableLabs --