2023 Technology Predictions

2023 Technology Predictions

Phil McKinney
President & CEO

Jan 31, 2023

Technology impacts us in every way, touching our lives, businesses and communities. Over the last few years, we’ve experienced a major transformation in how we work and collaborate, which has introduced many benefits and challenges. But with adversity comes opportunity and innovation.

Some of the problems this year’s technology predictions aim to solve are an increased need for remote collaboration, flexible and efficient transportation, personalized technology and secure networks. The possibilities lying ahead are nearly limitless, and our annual tech predictions envision the development of technologies that will define our future.

Remote Work Becomes Serendipitous

We’ve increasingly become a culture that values the flexibility to work from anywhere. For many of us, that means working remotely or at least working in a hybrid environment. New technologies are enabling us to connect in serendipitous ways, leading to meaningful, chance encounters at the right place and time—like when we bump into a colleague in the hallway and the interaction sparks a new idea.

Now, cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality, holograms and smart glasses will transport us into augmented or virtual reality environments that feel real. These new technologies offer us flexibility and opportunities to connect in new ways, making remote work more collaborative. Other benefits include faster training and onboarding, and the need for less physical office space. These augmented and virtual reality innovations may even lead to increased happiness at work.

Autonomous Vehicles Revolutionize Transportation

Buckle up. We’re on the brink of a transportation revolution.

Autonomous vehicles are about to change the way we get around. Today, we understand that autonomous vehicles drive themselves without any intervention by humans other than them defining the destination. The trend toward safer, sustainable and possibly more equitable transportation systems is evolving.

Autonomous vehicles will contribute to lives saved, reduced traffic congestion and less pollution. An economic impact will be felt, too, with autonomous vehicles popular among those who don’t have a driver’s license or who live in areas with poor public transportation options.

It’s not a matter of if this new technology will be integrated into our transportation system—it’s a matter of how and when.

AI Becomes Personal

Artificial intelligence is here to stay and getting smarter every day. As a result, we can expect to see growth in AI as a personal aid in creativity and in health and wellness.

AI has evolved to be easily accessible in a variety of ways, especially because many tools are now open-source. Your favorite apps may even be powered by some form of AI-augmented tools to assist art and music creators. With this increased accessibility, AI has transformed health care for drug development, robotic surgery and telemedicine. As more data is collected and moved to the cloud, we’ll see more personalized services, including smart nurse bots, online health coaches and remote care assistance.

This increased accessibility to health care will be especially beneficial in rural areas and developing countries, and more self-service options will allow people to take better control of their health.

Quantum Networks Become Tangible

Quantum networks are the next step in secure communications. Bolstered by the promise of near-zero latency, elimination of physical network infrastructure and unhackable communications, quantum networks will make it possible to detect with certainty when communications have been intercepted. The networks use quantum phenomena such as superposition, no-cloning and entanglement that are not available in today’s broadband and wireless networks.

Research and investment in quantum networks are already accelerating as companies and governments around the world set up research labs to build large-scale quantum networks. This growth is paving the way for practical applications of the technology to transmit sensitive data and communications.

Defining Our Future

Whether transforming the future of work, enhancing transportation systems, augmenting our creativity or improving communications, technological advancements are addressing some of the most pressing issues of our time. I believe we’ll see some fantastic projects and products launched in 2023. Watch my video below to learn more about these technology predictions.