About CableLabs

Mission Statement

To create a powerful innovation engine that develops life altering technologies that move communities and industries toward more connected tomorrows.

Why We Invent

For nearly 30 years, CableLabs has been at the forefront of innovation, transforming how humans, communities and industries connect. Dating back to the launch of HFC in 1992 to the start of DOCSIS in 1994, CableLabs has directly impacted the landscape of tomorrow. With its in-house R&D teams and Innovation Teams, as well as our ecosystem of partners from both inside and outside the cable industry, CableLabs works with academia, government, private healthcare, entertainment and beyond to grow the communities of tomorrow. The ultimate goal being to create a future that is more useful, more connected and more global, by repeatedly pushing the forefront of innovation, transforming concepts and impossibilities into practical and adoptable everyday uses.

Today CableLabs is here to invent a better future.