DOCSIS® Provisioning of GPON (DPoG™) Specifications create an architecture and serve as necessary specifications for enabling provisioning of Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) equipment using existing DOCSIS-based systems and policies. DPoG supports both GPON per ITU-T G.984 and XG-PON per ITU-T G.987 specification suites. The DPoG Specifications have three primary goals to:

  • Facilitate multi-vendor interoperability—the DPoG specifications will provide a common foundation for vendors to build products that will not only interoperate with the DOCSIS back office servers, but with other vendor’s equipment. As a result, DPoG Optical Network Unit (ONU) vendors can expect their product to interoperate with others who provide DPoG Systems.
  • Allow for use of existing DOCSIS BSS/OSS systems—DOCSIS provisioning systems provide scalable configuration tools and methods for provisioning millions of DOCSIS devices.
  • Expand Cable Industry access network technologies—GPON and EPON fiber-based offerings for residential services providing customers with up to 10 gigabit transmission rates.