For nearly 30 years, CableLabs® has been at the forefront of innovation, transforming how humans, communities and industries connect. With its in-house R&D and innovation teams, as well as its ecosystem of partners from both inside and outside the cable industry, CableLabs works with academia, government, private healthcare, entertainment and beyond to grow the communities of tomorrow.



Working on a story? CableLabs supports qualified media and industry analysts working on technology and feature stories about cable and wireless technologies with quotes and interviews. Members of the media may contact our agency at  

Please note that CableLabs does not comment on public policy or its members’ activities and announcements.



To request CableLabs’ participation in an event and/or webinar opportunity, please email with the following information:

•  Event date and time

•  Location/Venue

•  Requested CableLabs participant/stakeholder

•  Topic(s) to be discussed

•  Format of session (keynote, roundtable, panel)


CableLabs works to ensure that all announcements containing its name, logo or any reference to the organization, its subsidiaries (Kyrio and UpRamp), specifications and members maintain an image that is consistent with our mission statement, trademark and usage agreements.

CableLabs defines an announcement as any material (print, electronic, video or audio) designed to facilitate media coverage or directly inform audiences (customers, investors, partners and press).

•  CableLabs must approve all third-party announcements that include reference to the organization or its employees and reserves the right to approve, deny and edit content, in part or in whole.

•  Quotes from CableLabs will not promote the vendor or the vendor’s product in any way. Quotes can refer to the “need” that is met by the product or the vendor.

•  Other third-party marketing requests for support for items that will be publicly visible for a significant period, such as marketing materials (websites, product collateral, customer listings, etc.) require additional approvals.

•  Specifications must cite CableLabs’ trademarks according to the CableLabs Trademark Guidelines.

Certification announcements via press release or blog post require the following additional criteria for consideration:

•  Identify the certification wave in which the vendor participated

•  Cite the product model number

•  Identify whether the product was “certified” or “qualified”

•  Cite products that have been designed according to CableLabs’ specifications using the phrase “manufactured in compliance with the XYZ CableLabs Project specification”


•  Certification: Product complies to the specification as determined by the Certification Board for Retail Sale.

•  Qualification: Product complies to the specification as determined by the Certification Board for Cable Operator Purchase.

•  Wave: CableLabs scheduled certification wave number when vendor-submitted product was tested, or when a product will be tested in the future.

All announcements (press releases, blog posts, videos, etc.) related to or referencing CableLabs, its projects, CableLabs’ certified/qualified products, CableLabs’ non-certified/qualified products, products based on CableLabs’ specifications, or quoting CableLabs employees must be reviewed at least seven working days prior to their release by CableLabs.

Notice: If the vendor company does not clear the announcement with CableLabs, the company’s legal counsel may be notified with CableLabs’ concern about making misleading statements. Non-clearing announcements may result in CableLabs not accepting a device for certification.

To request announcement approval please contact:; Phone: 303-661-9100

In the News

February 27, 2018

CableLabs Subsidiary Kyrio Announces Microchip Partnership

Today, CableLabs subsidiary Kyrio announced their partnership with Microchip Technology, Inc. to develop strong embedded IoT device security. With the goal of solving the future challenges of IoT device security today, the partnership will allow…

February 27, 2018

CableLabs at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

CableLabs is currently at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona until March 1. The world’s largest, trade-only gathering for the mobile industry and launchpad for Smartphones, IoT, tablets, and everything mobile is organized by…

January 4, 2018

Announcing the Remote MACPHY Specification Working Group

The CableLabs Distributed CCAP Architecture (DCA) program is pleased to announce the recent launch of the Remote MACPHY working group. This new working group is comprised of operators, equipment manufacturers and CableLabs engineers and…

December 21, 2017

Jason Rupe selected as a Chairman of the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) Directions New Initiative on Blockchain (BCI)

CableLabs Principal Architect Dr. Jason Rupe has been selected to lead this important effort on blockchain innovation. The Blockchain Community on…