February 6, 2024
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Gridmetrics Achieves Esri Silver Partner Status

Gridmetrics, the industry leader in the development of hyperlocal, real-time power intelligence, has been elevated to Esri Silver partner status. Gridmetrics PENS-Assets adds a vital, real-time, granular view of power outage information to Esri’s decision support tools for its public safety and private sector business resilience communities. PENS also integrates into Esri’s Mission Security Ops Center dashboard and assists the insurance industry with power outage claims processing. Access to real-time, around-the-clock information on local power grids is essential for hard-hit communities to recover from flooding and massive outages. Learn more about how Gridmetrics measures, monitors and tracks the availability and stability of the distribution portion of the power grid by visiting https://gridmetrics.io/.

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