Media – Press Release Policy

  1. Review: All press releases related to or referencing CableLabs®, its projects, CableLabs’ certified/qualified products, CableLabs’ non-certified/qualified products, products based on CableLabs’ specifications, or quoting CableLabs employees MUST be reviewed 7 working days prior to their release by CableLabs®.
  2. Trademarks: All press releases referencing CableLabs, its projects, certified/qualified products, non-certified/qualified products, or products based on CableLabs’ specifications must cite CableLabs’ trademarks according to the CableLabs Trademark Guidelines.
  3. Press releases/statements that comply with CableLabs’ guidelines:
    1. Have been approved by CableLabs Communication Department;
    2. Cite trademarks according to CableLabs’ guidelines;
    3. Identify the wave in which the vendor participated;
    4. Cite the product model number;
    5. Identify whether the product was “certified” or “qualified”;
    6. Cite products that have been designed according to CableLabs’ specifications using the phrase “based on the XYZ CableLabs Project specification.”
  4. Examples: Press releases/statements that comply with CableLabs guidelines are:
    1. “The xyz product joins a growing family of ABC Company’s DOCSIS® 3.0-certified voice and data products. In addition to the xyz-line of products, ABC also has achieved DOCSIS® qualifications for the xxx cable modem termination systems and xxx CMTS.”
    2. “Company ABC will be showing its xyz product based on the CableLabs XXX specification at the yyy show in December.”
  5. Press releases/statements that do not comply with CableLabs’ guidelines:
    1. Mislead the industry saying that the product is more than the specification(s).
    2. Bridge the product to future certifications/qualifications.
  6. Examples: Statements that do not comply with CableLabs’ guidelines:
    1. “With product X, we alone can offer cable operators interactive service.”
    2. “Product X is the first-deployed product in the field.”


  1. Certification: Product complies to the specification as determined by the Certification Board for Retail Sale.
  2. Qualification: Product complies to the specification as determined by the Certification Board for MSO Purchase.
  3. Wave: CableLabs scheduled time when vendor-submitted product is to be tested.

Penalties: If your company does not clear your press release with CableLabs, your company’s legal counsel may be notified with CableLabs’ concern about making misleading statements.

If you have questions about your press release, please e-mail or phone 303.661.9100.