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CableLabs Live Webinar: 100G Single-Wavelength PON Project Launch

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The ongoing introduction of new high-bandwidth applications such as cloud/edge networking, 8K video streaming services and 5G mobile transport onto the market pushes the optical access systems toward higher data rates. In contrast with other solutions, the passive optical network (PON) is the prevailing broadband optical access solution for the foreseeable future. Single-wavelength 100G PON architecture emerges as a next-generation breakthrough innovation providing the necessary flexibility and capacity to enable all service providers to stay ahead of their convergence, business and residential needs.

In this webinar, you will:

  • gain knowledge about single-wavelength 100G PON in terms of technology and use case architectures;
  • understand the strategic impact of the technology;
  • understand the scope and timeline of 100G PON specification activities;


  • receive guidelines on how to join the working group.

Watch the webinar replay

Past attendees should have received the password in a follow-up email. To request access to the webinar, please contact us at webinars@cablelabs.com.

Download the 100G Single Wavelength PON webinar presentation deck.