How do I engage with CableLabs as a vendor and what are the benefits?

If you’re involved in the cable industry as a non-cable network platform, manufacturer or content provider, we would love to have you on board as a member of our vendor community. There are a few ways you can participate:

  • Join a CableLabs Working Group to contribute in Specification and Test Plan drafting which you can then implement for your device. If you’re interested, register for a CableLabs account to sign an NDA and other agreements.
    • A Working Group is a group of Subject Matter Experts from CableLabs, MSOs and manufacturers – that have signed the appropriate CableLabs NDA and IPR Agreements – and are working on all or a portion of a CableLabs’ initiative.
  • Join as a Visiting Engineer or Contributing Engineer on a part-time basis for at least 6 months. One of the many advantages of this hands-on participation is an opportunity to bring your compliant product to market faster. If you’re interested, register your company for a CableLabs account.
    • A Visiting Engineer is an employee of a manufacturer who spends time at CableLabs working on a CableLabs initiative for a certain period of time in accordance with a Visiting Engineer agreement. Contributing Engineers are similar to Visiting Engineers except they are not located at CableLabs.
  • Access InfoZone to review Draft Specifications 30 to 60 days prior to public issuance. Request to participate in the drafting of specifications by requesting to join a working group.
  • Work with CableLabs on a well-defined co-innovation project. This is an opportunity to combine forces and expertise to bring new technology to market in 3 to 5 years. If you’re interested in partnering with us or learning more about this program, please email us at
  • Join us in events like Envision Vendor Forum to engage in discussions with other operators and CableLabs staff.
    • Envision Vendor Forum is a free event for companies who are building technology for the global cable & mobile industry. This event is your secret weapon to know what the technology strategies will be for the largest cable, broadband and mobile operators around the world.


Learn more about joining CableLabs as a vendor.

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