February 22, 2017
// UpRamp Alumni


CableLabs Innovation Showcase Best New Product, Winter 2017 | Fiterator, 2017 |

It’s all about inclusion: Xogo is connecting all people with disabilities to all technology.  It is the first universal adapter allowing anyone to play their favorite games using accessible input devices instead of standard game controllers.

Xogo is a universal adapter that allows people with disabilities to connect with consumer technology. People can use wheelchair controls, standard consumer technology, or other accessible devices and hook them into Xogo, then connect Xogo to the desired consumer technology such as cable boxes, gaming consoles, smart homes, and more. People with disabilities can now interact with consumer technology on their own terms. The goal of Xogo is to allow all input devices to become controllers for all consumer technology in an easy to use and highly customizable way. Learn more about how Xogo is changing the world on their website.