February 19, 2018
// UpRamp Alumni


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Fiterator, 2017 |

Teltoo is a software-only solution that helps MSOs distribute live OTT video at scale. It’s much better than using only a traditional Content Delivery Network (CDN) because it allows the network to natively scale according to the success of the content and its demand. It doesn’t require any modifications on customers’ internals and works on the browser’s background so viewers are not forced to install any plug-in or app. There’s also an analytics dashboard where customers can modify parameters to their very concrete needs. It also shows CDN/P2P distribution ranges, activity in real time and quality metrics. Teltoo is compatible with most video players. In other words, Teltoo gets the most out of WebRTC and HTML5 so operators, broadcasters and OTTs can optimize their content delivery to their demands while viewers can enjoy their favourite sports, movies or shows at the highest quality possible.

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