October 4, 2016
// UpRamp Alumni

Trinity Mobile Networks

CableLabs Innovation Showcase, Summer 2017 |

TrinitySDN is a multi-network overlay SDN platform with client-side software designed from the ground up for smartphones and other moving, multi‑interface, and battery-constrained wireless devices. TrinitySDN, makes cellular and Wi-Fi networks appear to end users as a single network. Our platform enables interface and channel bonding, seamless handoffs between connection types, mesh connections between devices and provides an always best connected service to improve QoS for both VoIP and buffered data. TrinitySDN coordinates cellular, Wi-Fi, and mesh connections for devices running our client-side software, Jumpnet (available as a white-label solution). Jumpnet runs as an app on iOS and Android devices. TrinitySDN helps network operators’ control their subscribers’ QoS while on Wi-Fi and improve network performance.