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If you're looking for a better foundation for virtualization projects and deployments, we have what you need. Introducing SNAPS™-CableLabs' latest software stack that makes SDN and NFV a lot easier to adopt and use, benefiting cable operators, app developers and other members of the open-source community.

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    Intro: What is SNAPS?

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    CTA: What is SNAPS?

SNAPS™ Will Meet All Your NFV Needs

During the past year, we’ve expanded our SNAPS™ portfolio with new exciting developments that address specific user needs through improved platform interoperability, automation and containerization.

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    SNAPS-Boot performs a Linux installation and network setup for a bare-metal machine. With a single command, you can install Linux on your servers and prepare them for your installer using IPMI, PXE and other standard technologies to automate the installation. If you’re working with SDN/NFV or just building your own cloud, this is where you want to start.

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    Visit the Github Repo SNAPS-Boot

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    SNAPS-OpenStack is an OpenStack Kolla installer for machines that have been initialized with SNAPS-Boot. The SNAPS-OpenStack installer will bring up OpenStack on your running servers using a containerized version of the OpenStack software.

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    Visit the Github Repo SNAPS-OpenStack

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    SNAPS-Kubernetes is an installation tool for lab and development projects that use fewer resources, are more fault-tolerant and can quickly scale to meet demand. The use of cloud-native technologies, including Kubernetes, provides for lower overhead and an even better-performing network virtualization layer than existing virtual machine-based solutions.

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    Visit the Github Repo SNAPS-Kubernetes

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    Visit the Github Repo SNAPS-Kubernetes

    SNAPS “Object Oriented” OpenStack is a python library for automating NFV deployments and tests. It allows you to validate compliance and functionality of your Virtualization Infrastructure Manager (VIM) that’s responsible for controlling and managing the NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) compute, storage and network resources. SNAPS-OO is a part of the Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) project.

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    Visit the Wiki for more details


Is SNAPS open source?

Yes, the SNAPS program is an open source collaboration between CableLabs Member Companies and the ecosystem partners.

How did SNAPS evolve?

SNAPS evolved from fragmented approaches to virtualizing the current network. SNAPS provides a free open source virtualization stack that allows the ecosystem to test new and prove out new solutions and approaches.

Does SNAPS include an Orchestrator?

No, our goal for SNAPS-Kubernetes and SNAPS-OpenStack is to interoperate with any standardized MANO stack.

Does SNAPS compete with existing commercial OpenStack and Kubernetes?

That is not the primary target of SNAPS. SNAPS is targeted at proving an easy to use and freely available open source set of tools that can be used to collaborate and across the industry to reduce fragmentation and efficiency in new solutions and approaches. SNAPS-OO is used to validate interoperability for OpenStack distributions and has been run on the majority of commercial OpenStack offerings. SNAPS-Kubernetes is a certified Kubernetes install and will continue to track the CNCF certification program.

Where can I find SNAPS resources?

All the tools outside of SNAPS-OO can be found on Github. See SNAPS Portfolio Features for direct links to all the tools