August 13, 2013
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Keystone, CO — YOUi Labs was selected in an informal poll for having the “Best New Idea” as part of informal polling conducted following the “Innovation Showcase” presentations held during the CableLabs Summer Conference this week.

Eight companies participated in the showcase session, which provides each company with 10 minutes to present and demonstrate a technology solution for cable. YOUi Labs demonstrated uSwish, a framework for powering entertainment systems across platforms. Once again, The CableLabs’ Innovation Showcase event has brought great technical innovators with unique products to the cable industry.

“CableLabs works hard to facilitate innovation within the cable industry, and we selected the best to participate in the Innovation Showcase this year,” said Phil McKinney, president and chief executive officer of CableLabs. “By providing a forum for innovative companies to present new ideas to the Cable industry, we create opportunities for new solutions and relationships to be realized.”

Twice a year, during the summer and the winter, CableLabs hosts conferences which provide attendees with current information about key technology and strategic trends facing the cable industry, as well as providing a forum for them to interact with each other.

“Having NUI framework selected as the best new idea most likely to succeed at this year’s CableLabs’ Innovation Showcase further validates the need to enhance the user interface,” said Jason Flick, chief executive officer at YOUi Labs. “The consumer relationship with TV content is changing, creating challenges in the battle of the living room. At YOUi Labs, we’re excited that leaders in cable telecommunications technologies recognize our NUI framework as a strategic advantage for innovating the user TV experience.”

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