April 10, 2014
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Report: Digital Has Major Impact On Viewing

According to a research report released by Google, digital activity has a direct and meaningful correlation to TV viewership.

The report says that 90% of TV viewers also visit Google and YouTube, and their actions on those websites are strong indicators of a show’s popularity. The biggest digital activity growth seems to be coming from mobile, where users are searching for ancillary content such as cast lists and schedules.

“Digital platforms are changing the way today’s viewer experiences television,” the report says.

MSOs have long been aware of and interested in how digital activity affects viewership, and this report could help shed some light on viewer behavior – even if it comes from a company that many see becoming a major competitor to cable in the future.

How to turn this data into a meaningful strategy? That will be the challenge.

Check out Jon Lafayette’s coverage over at Broadcasting & Cable.

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