April 22, 2014
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IPv6 Transition Is Slow, But Growing

According to a study released by Incognito Software, most wired and wireless network operators have IPv6 transition plans underway, but just a small percentage of them are IPv6-ready.

Incognito polled 51 cable, wireless and wireline operators from around the globe for its “IPv6 Readiness” survey, finding that about three quarters of the group are planning or actively transitioning to IPv6 as the pool of IPv4 addresses continues to run dry. But only 14% considered themselves IPv6-ready, while roughly 35% were in the planning stage, and 10% had not even started their transitions, according to the survey.

More on the report from Multichannel News.

The preferred plan for most providers is to offer a “dual stack,” where both IPv4 and IPv6 are offered.  This is where CableLabs’ work on HIPnet could be very beneficial. Learn more from CableLabs Senior Engineer John Berg in this blog post from March.

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