June 21, 2023
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Groundbreaking Initiative From CableLabs and TIP Sets Standard for Future of Wi-Fi

CableLabs and the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) community announced the results of its groundbreaking collaboration. Poised to shake up the Wi-Fi landscape, the organizations have launched the latest version of OpenWiFi, an innovative open-source platform, as well as CableLabs’ OpenWiFi Community Lab to lower network costs and enhance interoperability. The project’s open source-based Wi-Fi architecture enables multi-vendor, managed Wi-Fi networks.

OpenWiFi is a community-developed, open-source platform that supports OpenRoaming, a service that enables an automatic and secure global Wi-Fi experience. The platform enables device login via MAC addresses through MPSK and allows for greater access to new strategic business opportunities in industries like retail, hospitality and education.

This platform and lab set a new standard for the future of Wi-Fi networks. Read the press release  to learn more.

About CableLabs

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