January 10, 2022
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Charter and Vecima Demonstrate Long-Term HFC Network Future with Multi-Gigabit DOCSIS 4.0

This press release embodies CableLabs’ end-to-end impact, showcasing both FMA—led by Jon Schnoor—and DOCSIS 4.0—led by Doug Jones. Of course, they don’t do it alone—so many others are involved across CableLabs, SCTE, and Kyrio, and so many more.

Vecima Networks Inc. (TSX: VCM) and Charter Communications, Inc., in partnership, today announced that they have
demonstrated greater than 8.5 Gbps downstream and 6 Gbps upstream on hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) cable plant. The demonstration was built using next-generation DOCSIS 4.0 System-on-a-Chip (SoC) for Remote MACPHY Device (RMD) and cable modem solutions, which conforms to CableLabs DOCSIS 4.0 FDD specifications.”


Congratulations to everyone involved! Read more.

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