April 16, 2014
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CableLabs Receives DLNA Award

CableLabs was honored with an Outstanding Contribution Award from DLNA, thanks to its work on the CVP-2 guidelines.  The CVP-2 guidelines enable service providers, worldwide, to offer their interactive program guide, linear programming as well as on demand services to DLNA devices.

Ryan Chiang, Senior Standardization Lead at CableLabs, had this to say:

“CableLabs, working closely with DLNA Members from the service provider and consumer electronics communities, is proud to have contributed to the development of the DLNA CVP-2 Guidelines published earlier this year. The Guidelines enable delivery of premium cable content to a wide variety of consumer devices, such as televisions, tablets, game consoles, Blu-ray players, and HDMI sticks. CableLabs is a member of the DLNA Board of Directors, and has hosted several DLNA Plugfest events to promote the interoperability of DLNA CVP-2 products under development. It is my honor to be recognized by the Alliance for contributions to the CVP-2 effort.”

More on the award and who else was given it at MarketWatch.

About CableLabs

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