March 24, 2014
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CableLabs Brings Perspective to Health Data Interoperability

When we think of interoperability, we think about modems working with routers, Blu-ray players working with TVs, smartphones working with Bluetooth headsets, etc.

But what about in the world of healthcare? Turns out, there is a glaring need for more interoperability when it comes to health data. In some cases, interoperability could save lives.

In a recent conference focused on this issue, the West Health Institute invited leaders from other industries that have seen success in creating interoperability standards. William Check, Senior Vice President, Science and Technology Chief, National Cable and Telecommunications Association (CableLabs), was on hand to speak about his experience with CableLabs and the interoperability lessons that might be applied to the healthcare industry.

Read more about the conference and see what Mr. Check had to say on the Forbes website.

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