November 16, 2015
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CableLabs® Announces Inaugural Inform[ed]: Conference

Catalysts for Change – Cable and the Future of Wireless

Wireless experts and industry influencers converge on April 13, 2016 to discuss prominent issues in wireless and technology innovation

LOUISVILLE, Colo, Nov. 16, 2015 – CableLabs, the non-profit research and development lab for the cable industry, today announced the launch of the CableLabs Inform[ed]: conference series. The first event in this educational series, Catalysts for Change – Cable and the Future of Wireless, will explore the opportunities and challenges facing the wireless industry as the significance and availability of wireless technology continues to increase.

Taking place on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at the Intercontinental Hotel in New York, wireless experts, business analysts and policy pundits are encouraged to attend to learn about the technologies, strategies and politics shaping the new wave of wireless services within the scope of fixed and mobile network convergence.

Industry relevance could not be higher. Traffic from wireless and mobile devices will exceed that from wired devices by 2016 – accounting for 53 percent of total IP traffic, according to CISCO’s visual networking index.

“As wireless technology continues to advance, it’s imperative that the wireless industry fully explores both the opportunities and challenges of developing innovative wireless technologies that benefit consumers and drive technology forward,” said Phil McKinney, president and chief executive officer of CableLabs. “CableLabs is continually expanding its testing and research in a variety of areas in the wireless space. This conference gives us the opportunity to bring together the industry’s top minds to tackle the most prominent issues in wireless in new and inventive ways.”

Catalysts for Change – Cable and the Future of Wireless will focus on four important areas in order to provide a rounded view of the opportunities and challenges relevant to the wireless industry:

  • Wireless Strategies – covering the evolution of new network models based on small cell technologies such as WiFi, LTE-U, LAA, LWA, MuLTEfire, and 5G, as well as related business challenges for cable and mobile network operators
  • Emerging Technologies – covering the future vision for 5G with an in-depth look at the evolution of LTE-A and 5G, as well as the evolution of cable networks over the next 10 years, highlighting opportunities for mobile operators
  • Policy (hosted by NCTA – the National Cable & Telecommunications Association) – discussing the policy, regulatory and economic issues for next-generation networks and services
  • Vision – discussing the future of both the mobile and cable industries and their impact on consumers.

Presenters include:

  • Phil McKinney, President and CEO, CableLabs
  • Theodore S. Rappaport, NYU (founding director of NYU WIRELESS)
  • Neville Meijers, VP of Small Cell, Qualcomm
  • Jeremy Bye, VP of Carrier and Wholesale, Cox Business
  • Paul de Sa, Bernstein Research
  • Rob Howald, VP of Network Architecture, Comcast

More information is available at CableLabs Inform[ed]:



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