May 15, 2023
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CableLabs and SCTE Executives Named 2023 Cablefax 100 Honorees

CableLabs, and its subsidiary SCTE, proudly announce that Stephenie Hoehndorf, Head of Marketing Innovation & Intelligence at CableLabs, Phil McKinney, President & CEO of CableLabs and Mark Dzuban, President & CEO of SCTE, a subsidiary of CableLabs, have all been named 2023 Cablefax 100 honorees. The Cablefax 100 awards highlight the most influential executives in the media, cable and broadband industries. These exceptional leaders are being recognized for their leadership, vision, and impact on the industry. The honoree list is a barometer of the most dynamic and innovative leaders in the cable and broadband industry. We are honored that CableLabs and SCTE top executives continue to be highlighted for their dedication and influence year after year. For more information on the CableFax 100 awards, click here.

About CableLabs

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