April 2, 2014
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Amazon Reveals $99 Streaming Set-top

After months of rumors and speculation, Amazon on Wednesday finally unveiled its set-top box, a video-streaming and gaming device that will cost $99. It’s called the Fire TV, and Amazon claims it’s more powerful than any of the competitors in the streaming space, like the Roku 3, Apple TV, and Google’s Chromecast stick.

It will host all of the expected streaming content, like Netflix and Hulu, plus the vast amount of content that Amazon has been collecting since 2011. It supports 1080p, and boasts a quad-core processor with 2Gb of memory.

While more streaming devices come on the market to ostensibly compete with cable, many of the content providers require a pay-TV subscription to access. It’s difficult to gauge how many of these devices are cutting into cable video subscribers at this point, but clearly broadband remains theĀ  best choice to support the services.

Variety has a great breakdown of the device and the market Amazon is aiming for.

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