April 9, 2015
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AdGorilla Provides Ad Platform to CableLabs’ New IP Lab

Installation provides CableLabs with a completely integrated advanced advertising platform that works across Linear, Dynamic and VOD Ad Placements

April 09, 2015 – Littleton, Colorado – AdGorilla, a leading provider of technology solutions in the cable, broadcast and IP video space, today announced an installation at CableLabs, which provides AdGorilla’s most advanced advertising and content platform, Black Widow Spyder™, for use in the new IP Lab in CableLabs’ Louisville, CO facility. AdGorilla’s technology provides an integrated solution for a variety of ad delivery schemes across multiple ad opportunity environments, including IP, QAM, and other delivery frameworks.

The installation of the AdGorilla unit will allow CableLabs to access the same AdGorilla Black Widow Spyder™ (BWS™) solution installed at cable and broadcast operators. BWS™ performs linear and dynamic advertising insertion and alternative content replacement based on SCTE standards, with frame accurate splicing and signal grooming in a single box solution.

“We are excited to be working with CableLabs, said Dan Ryan, CEO, AdGorilla. “This allows us to work with the primary organization focused on technology for cable MSOs. As we continue to expand our capabilities, presence and customer base, establishing this relationship with an industry leader such as CableLabs reinforces our value to our client base.”

CableLabs is a non-profit research and development consortium that has served cable operator members since 1988. The organization has made a significant impact on the cable industry and the deployment of broadband globally in the past 26 years.

About AdGorilla AdGorilla is a vertically integrated company focused on the advertising sales and video delivery market space. Its market-leading next generation solution, Black Widow Spyder™ (BWS™), allows cable and broadcast operators to maximize their revenue opportunities across all advertising and content landscapes. BWS™ is the most flexible and technologically advanced approach to advertising insertion and alternative content replacement available with a dedication to client focused needs including effective ROI pricing.

About CableLabs

As the leading innovation and R&D lab for the cable industry, CableLabs creates global impact through its member companies around the world and its subsidiary, Kyrio. With a state-of-the art research and innovation facility and collaborative ecosystem with thousands of vendors, CableLabs delivers impactful network technologies for the entire industry.