February 9, 2015
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4K content guide: What to watch in 4K today

CableLabs’ 4K demos were mentioned in a CNET article discussing what 4K content options are available in the marketplace today.

Looking forward to watching your favorite team in 4K? Can’t wait to TiVo HBO’s 4K broadcasts of “Game of Thrones?” Excited to rebuy the “Lord of the Rings” (Extended Edition) box set on 4K Blu-ray? Don’t hold your breath. 4K TVs might be hurtling toward mainstream prices with the speed of a runaway train, but 4K content, the stuff you can actually watch in 4K today, can seem stalled in the station. If you want your 4K fix right now, you’d better be a fan of original series on Netflix and Amazon or really want to rewatch movies like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” Or you could buy a $700 Sony 4K player and pay $30 per movie.

Read the rest of the story at cnet.com.

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