September 21, 2022
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10G Challenge Winners Announced Today

The 10G Challenge launched with the intent to support innovators developing transformative solutions that leverage the 10G broadband network of the near future. Today, we’re excited to announce the six winners who are shaping the future of how we will live, work, learn and play.

  • Grand Prize Winner: MediView leverages advanced virtual reality technology to help patients in rural areas access care from National Cancer Institute-designated cancer centers without having to leave their community. Watch this video to learn more!
  • Live Category Winner: Xennial Digital is creating the future of medical simulation training using the reliability of the 10G broadband network. Watch this video to learn more!
  • Work Category Winner: TractorCloud develops hardware and software solutions that save farmers thousands of dollars and drives the future of tractor fleet management. Watch this video to learn more!
  • Learn Category Winner: KC Digital Drive aims to utilize the 10G network to expand access to nursing education via digital twin classrooms. Watch this video to learn more!
  • Play Category Winner: Dana Leung’s “Interacting Within Live-Action Video Scenes” technology hopes to enhance consumer experiences, whether shopping or watching movies, with real-time VR.
  • People’s Choice Winner: T4 Movement Engineering helps patients identify the root cause of their musculoskeletal issues and improve rehabilitation in an innovative, low-cost, easy-to-execute and scalable manner.

Check out to learn more about the winners and The 10G Challenge.

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