About Cablelabs

Founded in 1988, CableLabs is the Innovation and R&D Lab for the global cable industry. With a strong focus on innovation, CableLabs develops technologies and specifications for the secure delivery of broadband Internet access, video, voice and next generation services. It also provides testing, certification facilities and technical leadership for the industry.

CableLabs’ mission is to enable cable operators to be the providers of choice to their customers. CableLabs currently has 59 members across five continents (as of July 2017).

About Informed Insights

CableLabs created the Inform[ED] Insights series to periodically address major technology developments that have the potential to transform the cable business and society at large.

The cable industry connects and entertains people across the globe, contributing significantly to economic growth and enabling rich discourse in our countries of operation. Inform[ED] Insights will provide leaders across sectors and disciplines with communications technology facts and insights on which to base decisions of significance.