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Smaller Market Conference | Summer 2018

Smaller Market Conference | Summer 2018


This MSO-only event brings together executives and leaders – C-level, VPs, Directors, Managers and others – from across the spectrum of responsibilities including business strategy, technology, engineering, marketing, operations and customer experience. Recent agendas have included spirited discussion of federal and state regulation and legislation affecting the smaller market operators, in-home Wi-Fi, new services such as mobile, IoT and WIPS – and their applicability to this group of operators, network evolution and planning costs – including all-IP transition approaches, 5G and wireless technologies and customer experience, together with keynotes from influencers inside and outside the cable industry.

A CableLabs Member Event


Keystone Resort
0633 Tennis Club Rd, Dillon, CO 80435


“I’m pretty protective of my weekends but the Sunday Small Market Conference is worth the sacrifice. This particular group is very interactive and generous with individual company information, no doubt in part because we don’t have any vendor and press in attendance, and we never discuss how X1 syndication or obtaining reasonable programming rights will solve any of our collective challenges.”

JR Walden, CTO, Mediacom


“ The Small Market Conference is perhaps my favorite conference of the year. The presentations and panels are top-notch, efficiently run, cover a broad range of topics, and are terrifically enlightening. And even though it is held on a Sunday, it is fun, smart, and a great way to spend the day. I always learn a great deal from the sessions, reconnect with friends and peers and make new connections.”

Stephanie Kesler, Senior Technologist, GCI


“For me (and Midco), the “must attend” event is the Smaller Market Conference in Keystone that’s held the day prior to the Summer Conference. The topics are great and specifically geared for small systems. Since it’s a smaller group of MSOs with similar circumstances, there’s a lot of interaction and information sharing.”

Jon Pederson, CTO, Midco


“I’ve been able to get a lot of value out of attending Cable Labs conferences over the past couple of decades. However, I really look forward to the Small Market Conference due to the way it tailors the subject matter to smaller operator needs and opportunities.”

Duncan Whitney, CTO, GCI


“The Smaller Market Conference started out as a gathering of operators that came to the Summer Conference a day early because the airfare was cheaper, now it is the most heavily attended Smaller Market conference in the industry. This is where I come to find out what everyone else is doing and how to run my systems better.”

Bill Bauer, Owner, Windbreak Cable


“CableLabs’ Smaller Market Conference provides an extraordinary one-day one-stop shop for insights and conversation on where things stand and where they are going in the most important areas for the cable industry: technology, business, products and services, workforce, regulation, policy, and the challenges and opportunities in today’s competitive environment. Plus, its off-the-record format allows for full engagement and great candor!”

Paul Glist, Partner, Davis Write Tremaine


“ There is not another one-day conference like the CableLabs Smaller Markets Conference where you will leave with so much information. The day is a perfect blend of technology, government, and strategic presentations along with time for peer networking for smaller and mid-sized Cable Broadband network operators”.

Mike Giobbi, CTO, Armstrong Group of Companies