Interop·Labs P2P Coherent Optics 200G June 2022

Interop·Labs P2P Coherent Optics 200G June 2022


CableLabs is hosting its P2P Coherent Optics 200G interoperability event, with Kyrio support, from June 21-23, 2022 at the CableLabs Louisville office as an in-person event.

This event provides vendors the opportunity to test their products in a multi-vendor environment and/or with Kyrio-provided testing platforms. To ensure interoperable implementations of the CableLabs specifications, CableLabs and Kyrio are hosting the interoperability event to provide vendors an opportunity to test pre-production and development versions of hardware devices and software applications. The event will provide a variety of manufacturers an opportunity to work together in the Kyrio laboratory environment to develop and test interoperable solutions.

NOTE: To participate, a supplier must both bring one or more transceivers designed to be compliant to the CableLabs P2P Coherent Optics PHYv2.0 specification – or be a component supplier for one of the companies bringing a transceiver module – and have a signed Optical Participant agreement on file at CableLabs. Participants are also expected to bring any additional equipment needed to operate their transceivers; as such, there are no requirements on module form factor.

All in-person participants must register for the event.

Registration deadline: June 15, 2022




CableLabs Louisville
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