Interop. Labs: Remote PHY July 2018

Interop. Labs: Remote PHY July 2018


Interoperability Events provide vendors with the opportunity to test their products in a multi-vendor environment and/or with CableLabs-provided testing platforms.


In order to ensure interoperable implementations of the CableLabs Specifications, CableLabs is hosting an Interoperability Lab Event ("Interop") to provide vendors an opportunity to test pre-production and development versions of hardware devices and software applications. The Interop will provide a variety of manufacturers an opportunity to work together in CableLabs' laboratory environment to develop and test interoperable solutions.

NOTE: If submitter is attending event, only one additional engineer will be allowed. It is imperative that we have ALL participants properly registered for the event prior to arrival to adjust for the appropriate lab space & to have the most accurate headcount for food orders. If you need additional participants registered in addition to the 2 allotted engineers please contact


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