Interop·Labs: P2P Coherent Optics December 2019

Interop·Labs: P2P Coherent Optics December 2019


Interop·Labs Events provide vendors with the opportunity to test their products in a multi-vendor environment and/or with Kyrio-provided testing platforms.


In order to ensure interoperable implementations that are compliant with CableLabs Specifications, CableLabs and Kyrio are hosting an Interop·Lab P2P Coherent Optics event December 10-12 at the CableLabs Louisville office.

This event will provide vendors an opportunity to test for specification compliance to a variety of transmitter and receiver optical requirements, as well as for interoperability when passing Ethernet traffic between coherent optics transceivers designed to be compliant to the P2PCO-SP-PHYv1.0 specification (which defines operation at 100G data rates over coherent links). The event will provide manufacturers of coherent optics transceivers – as well as network and test equipment that support coherent optics transceivers – an opportunity to work together in a Kyrio laboratory environment to develop and test interoperable solutions.

Each participating company is permitted to have up to 2 supporting engineers attend the event, in addition to any of their Contributing Engineers from the P2P Coherent Optics Working Group and adhere to the following:

  • Bring at least one of the following to the event: a coherent optics transceiver (designed to be compliant to the CableLabs specification), a piece of network equipment that supports passing ethernet traffic over coherent optics transceivers, and/or test equipment that supports testing of coherent optics equipment.
  • Have a signed Optical Participation Agreement on file with CableLabs.
  • Each vendor attendee must acknowledge and agree to the Vendor Participation Guidelines & Requirements within the registration process.

Early registration will be critical so that we can assign time slots for optical testing in advance to ensure everyone’s time is used as effectively as possible.


Registration deadline is November 21, 2019


CableLabs Louisville
858 Coal Creek Circle, Louisville, CO 80027