Interop·Labs Low Latency, Low Loss, Scalable Throughput (L4S) October 2022

Interop·Labs Low Latency, Low Loss, Scalable Throughput (L4S) October 2022


This Interop·Lab provides application developers, operating system developers, transport protocol designers, and network equipment manufacturers the opportunity to test their products with other companies and/or with Kyrio-provided testing platforms.

To ensure interoperable implementations, CableLabs and Kyrio are hosting an interoperability event for Low Latency, Low Loss, Scalable Throughput (L4S) equipment to provide participants an opportunity to test pre-production and development versions of networking hardware and application software. The event will provide a variety of companies with an opportunity to work together in the Kyrio laboratory to develop and test interoperable solutions.

Kyrio is hosting the Interop·Labs L4S event on behalf of CableLabs starting at 12:00p MDT on Monday, October 10, 2022, and ending at 12:00 pm MDT on Friday, October 14 at the CableLabs Louisville office. While the majority of participation is expected to be in-person, we plan to provide remote connectivity into the Interop Lab for each participating company to allow additional staff to interact with their equipment if necessary.

All in-person participants and those desiring remote connectivity must register for the event.

Registration deadline: October 5, 2022




CableLabs Louisville
858 Coal Creek Circle, Louisville, CO 80027