Innovation Boot Camp October 2017

Innovation Boot Camp October 2017


Ignite a New Level of Creative Confidence in YOU!

  • Do you have great ideas, but STRUGGLE to influence your manager or team?
  • Are you noticing GAPS in innovation skills, strategy or mindset in your team or yourself?
  • Do you find innovation FASCINATING and want to do more?
  • Are you looking for NEW ways to add value or discover a career challenge?
  • Do you THRIVE in small-group, immersive hands-on experiences?

If you said YES to any of these questions AND you are an executive, technologist, business developer, marketing professional, innovation driver or simply a student of innovation, then you must register NOW for Boot Camp!

Only 20 spots available, with special discounts for ALL on early registrations, for CableLabs members or students in accredited college programs.

Why Boot Camp?

  • IMMERSION: Practice breakthrough innovation in a focused hands-on environment, special access tours and unforgettable events
  • MINDSET: Get clear about gaps, myths and challenges that hinder innovation and proven ways to overcome
  • CONNECTION: Join a unique community of innovators, fostering valuable relationships and educational opportunity beyond Boot Camp
  • WISDOM: Learn from innovation mentors, expert guest speakers, investors and trainers who are battle tested in innovation
  • RESULTS: Gain new perspectives, tools and strategies you can apply immediately to build creative strength and innovation leadership amid accelerating change & disruption

What to expect...

For October 2017 Innovation Boot Camp, we are building an inspirational and mostly walkable experience in the heart of Boulder Colorado’s historic Pearl Street area.

Our main training venue is the Rembrandt Gallery & Event Center with special events at the NEW Galvanized Tech Center and top restaurants in the area. Transportation provided for special access tours with Innovation Partner Companies (to be announced) in the Denver/Boulder area.

  • You are asked to commit your full attention to the Boot Camp experience (see schedule). Make the investment in yourself and know your innovation team will be depending on you.
  • Sign up NOW for best pricing– space is LIMITED!
  • Pricing includes materials, tours, meals & beverages
  • You are expected to provide your own transportation to the Boot Camp venue and hotel (special group discounts rates provided for select hotels)
  • Engage with customers, innovation practitioners, and thought leaders as you address real problems and opportunities

Register Now

Early Bird Pricing (exp. 9/15) After 9/15
General $1497 $1997
Cablelabs Members $997 $1347
Students $500 $500

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Questions? More information?

Email Michelle Vendelin,
Director Innovation Services


  • 10/23/17
    5pm - 8:30pm

    Hors d’oeuvres and event kickoff

  • 10/24/17

    Presentation and Discussion: Fire (Focus, Ideate, Rank, Execute) & The Innovation Framework

    AFTERNOON: FOCUS (The “F” In Fire) Class, brief lectures & hands-on exercises

    EVENING: INTO THE WILD in-field activity

  • 10/25/17

    MORNING: IDEATION (THE ”I” IN FIRE) Class Exercises, Presentations and Lecture

    AFTERNOON: RANKING (THE “R” IN FIRE) Class Exercises, Presentations


  • 10/26/17


    MORNING/AFTERNOON TOURS and creating class pitches


    Teams are free to work on the Pitch

  • 10/27/17

    Reflections & Next Steps
    Boot Camp Completion

Featured Speakers

Phil McKinney

President and CEO, Award Winning Podcaster and Author, CableLabs

Phil McKinney

President and CEO, Award Winning Podcaster and Author, CableLabs

Phil McKinney is President and CEO of CableLabs. In this capacity he heads the research and development organization responsible for charting the cable industry’s technology and innovation roadmap.

Prior to joining CableLabs, he was the vice president and chief technology officer of the $40 billion (FY12) Personal Systems Group at HP. He was responsible for long-range strategic planning, research and development (R&D) and product roadmaps for the company’s PC product lines, including mobile devices, notebooks, desktops and workstations. In addition, Phil was founder and leader of HP’s Innovation Program Office (IPO). The IPO was chartered to identify, incubate and launch adjacent and fundamentally new technologies, products and services that would become the future growth engines for HP.

Recently (February 2012), Phil released his first book on innovation and personal creativity titled Beyond The Obvious, published by Hyperion. The book is available in hardcover, digital and audio formats. The book will soon be available in Russian, Chinese, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean and Japanese.

His influence on innovation and creativity includes:

  • Sharing his expertise in innovation and creativity, free of charge (in an approach he refers to as “paying it forward”) through his award winning podcast Killer Innovations™ (available on iTunes). It has been named by CIO Insight as a “must listen” podcast.
  • Vanity Fair named him the “The Innovation Guru”
  • MSNBC and FOX Business both call him “The Gadget Guy”
  • His uncanny ability to predict what’s coming next caused him to be dubbed as the “chief seer” by The San Jose Mercury News.
  • He was named as one of the “25 Most Influential People in Mobile Tech” by LAPTOP Magazine.
  • He is a contributing columnist for Forbes where he writes the column “The Objective” for

Phil serves on the:

  • Advisory Board for Hacking Autism
  • Board of Directors for The Computer History Museum
  • Executive Board of the Santa Clara County Council for the Boy Scouts of America

Christian Pape

VP of Innovation, CableLabs

Christian Pape

VP of Innovation, CableLabs

Christian’s career of promoting and supporting innovation has spanned positions in R&D, engineering, IT, and Operations. In his leadership roles, he honed his skills for guiding technology innovation teams, hopeful partners, and outside companies while juggling requirements and constraints set by the C-Level. Today, Christian is the primary champion of CableLabs’ innovation methodology, including the execution needed to transform ideas into breakthrough innovations. In this role, he most enjoys the cross-team collaboration and the process of scaling ideas for larger, profitable markets. When not encouraging innovators to push the limits of their thinking and abilities, Christian enjoys annual overseas trips with his family, Boy Scout outings with his son, and supporting his daughter’s passion for the arts.

Lori Lantz

Talent Development Partner, CableLabs

Lori Lantz

Talent Development Partner, CableLabs

Lori is a Colorado native with a passion for human development. Lori spent 18 years in the field of Human Resources in the healthcare industry before joining CableLabs as the Talent Development Partner. Holding a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, she has created meaningful, memorable and motivational Leadership Academies and team building strategies for professional development which help people learn new information and then apply that knowledge into behavior change. When not at work, Lori is passionate about music which includes singing, fostering her 3rd grader’s and kindergartner’s love of music and attending Bluegrass music festivals with her husband.

Scott Brown

Managing Director of Upramp Ventures

Scott Brown

Managing Director of Upramp Ventures

Scott Brown is a long time technologist and entrepreneur with a strong history of building companies from inception to profitability. Currently, Scott leads startup/venture capital relationships for the global cable industry as part of CableLabs. In addition, Scott is the Managing Director of UpRamp, a new type of startup accelerator sponsored by CableLabs that is designed to help emerging technology companies find true product market fit with the cable & broadband industry. Previously, Scott was the CEO/Founder of – the bounce intelligence company, CTO/Founder of Kronovia, a Compliance Cloud Service for Social Content and Relationships, and the SVP & General Manager of the messaging division of Bakbone Software. Scott was also the CTO & Co-founder of ColdSpark, a messaging infrastructure company that specialized in high-performance email systems for global financial services companies. Scott holds numerous patents related to email messaging, infrastructure, marketing and compliance technologies. He was named one of the 2010 40 under 40 by the Boulder County Business Review and has been recognized as a leading technology innovator.

More Expert Guest Speakers to be announced

More Expert Guest Speakers to be announced


Rembrandt Gallery & Event Center
1301 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO 80302

"The whole hands-on experience in innovating new ideas combined with great talks from veterans like Phil and Scott was truly an experience to hold on to." -Previous Boot Camp Attendee