Innovation Boot Camp April 2018

Innovation Boot Camp April 2018


Ignite your innovation leadership!

Innovation Boot Camp is an immersive learning experience that will transform the way you think about and practice innovation.

You'll learn the FIRE framework and best practices for break-through innovation, through daily keynotes and engagement with Phil McKinney, visionary CEO and award-winning author/podcaster, along with his expert guest speakers and coaches. Then, apply your new insights right away in our small group environment on a topic area ripe for innovation.

The topic for this Boot Camp is "The Rise of Autonomous Vehicles at Home and On the Go". You need not be an expert in this space to participate. Focusing on a topic allows us to build a learning lab of real life situations. And, there is no better place to explore this emerging technology then to join us here in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Why Boot Camp?

  • NEW Insight: Attendees leave with a stronger innovation mindset, more strategies and new tools that can be customized and applied immediately upon return to work or entrepreneurial efforts
  • Results: Build more creative confidence, influence, leadership and what we call "Innovation Grit", the ability to effectively deal with the expected forces that naturally resist new ideas and change
  • Wisdom: Learn from innovation mentors, expert guest speakers, investors and trainers who are battle tested in innovation and willing to share what it really takes to innovate
  • Connection: Join a unique community of innovators, fostering valuable relationships and educational opportunity beyond Boot Camp

Who should attend

Current and aspiring innovators committed to generating greater value for their customers and organizations in roles such as executives, technologists, product managers, business developers, marketing professionals, intrapreneurs inside large organizations or entrepreneurs.

What to expect

We are offering a NEW streamlined 3 ½ day experience. You are asked to commit your full attention to the Boot Camp experience (from 8:00am Tuesday 4/24 through noon on Friday 4/27 - click "Register Now" for more detailed Agenda and speakers info).

Make the investment in yourself and know your innovation team will be depending on you to stay fully engaged.

Pricing includes all materials, tours, meals & beverages. You will need to provide your own transportation and hotel (special hotel discounts available).

From our last Boot Camp

"I can't imagine a more powerful way to see how innovation works in theory and in practice" -- Beau

"Boot camp was intense, challenging & informative. I got new tools and strategies, things I can actually take back to my company and implement day 1!" -- Jeremy

"The boot camp brought my picture of innovation into better focus, I was blown away by the value it brought to me." -- Steve

"Speakers were top notch and each one built on the framework, the flow was great! Boot camp in 3 words, an 'intense learning journey'" -- Pam

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Cablelabs Members $997 $1347

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