Inform[ED] Europe 2018

Inform[ED] Europe 2018


Join us for an invite- and member-only event at Inform[ED] Europe 2018.

May 3-4 in London, you, along with Cable's top executives are invited to come together, gain insight, collaborate and learn. We're developing technologies and innovations that impact the future of our converged networks. Inform[ED] Europe is two days of complete immersion into future technologies with an emphasis on convergence that will transform the world we live in. This is cable beyond DOCSIS® – Inform[ED] Europe is more than what is "next" — it is the "next next". It’s an opportunity to come together and invent the future.

We look forward to you joining us on a journey of collaboration, invention and innovation.

Agenda TBD. Hope you can attend.


London, England

Why did we change dates and venue? Ascension Day is widely observed throughout Europe, and our original Inform[ED] Europe dates (May 9-10, 2018) did not take this holiday into account. To accommodate the new dates in the same month (May 3-4), it became necessary to also change venues from our original location in Lisbon to a new venue in London. Let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.