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CableLabs Live Webinar: Introduction to Quantum Computing Foundations

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Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2023
On-Demand (password required)

Watch the recorded webinar as we provide an overview of the foundations of quantum computing, with a practical focus on software development, current use cases and the landscape of the quantum internet (and its implications).  


You will learn:

  • The foundations of quantum computing and what makes the technology fundamentally different from classical computing.
  • The current threat to widely deployed cryptography that quantum computers represent.
  • How accessible the development for quantum computers currently is with toolkits like Qiskit, and a brief overview of what writing code for quantum computers looks like.

Access the Quantum Foundations repository here. Contact webinars@cablelabs.com for a copy of the webinar presentation

Watch the webinar replay

Past attendees should have received the password in a follow-up email. To request access to the webinar, please contact us at webinars@cablelabs.com.