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Benefits of CableLabs Membership

A CableLabs membership provides

  • Opportunities to collaborate with peers and shape the future of the industry.
  • An environment where problems are solved.  Rather than going it alone, you can leverage the knowledge of subject matter experts in the fields of video, data, telephony, wireless, business services, security and information services.  CableLabs has a full-time staff of over 180 employees working on your behalf.
  • Access to the CableLabs Development Lab and use of test tools.
  • An invitation to the Summer Conference that is held for the benefit of the CableLabs membership.  Conference sessions highlight industry trends, and the venue presents opportunities for candid discussions and networking with your peers.
  • Access to Shared Services.
  • Membership in Working Groups where new technologies are explored and specifications are drafted.
  • Publications that track market trends and Strategic Assessments that aid with your business decisions and technology roadmap.


To be a member of CableLabs, a company must be a cable television system operator, as defined by the 1984 Cable Act. The Cable Act defines a cable operator as a person or persons who provide video programming using closed transmission paths and public-rights-of-way. This definition does not include open video systems or DBS (direct broadcast satellite). CableLabs’ charter admits cable operators worldwide.

Please contact us if you have any questions about CableLabs membership eligibility or CableLabs project participation.

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