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    HIPnet, HOPnet, and RAP

    This isn’t about Eminem or 50 cent. It’s about new technology that will change the way you think about home networking and connected devices.


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    Getting Ahead

    CableLabs provides a very unique head-end testing
    environment. We are flexible, agile, and built to
    accommodate whatever is needed.


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    In-home Wi-Fi Networks

    In developed and developing economies, Wi-Fi is nearly ubiquitous. Demand for connected devices in the home will only continue to grow. What are the challenges and how do we approach them?


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CableLabs' research focuses on 11 areas of innovation. Find out more about our innovation focus areas here.

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August 6, 2014

Learning to Innovate – The Innovation Bootcamp

By Phil McKinney, President and CEO, CableLabs – The Importance of Innovation Companies depend on the ability to innovate in order to remain competitive. Traditionally, we consider innovation to involve fun and creativity. However, innovation can be hard work requiring both willingness and an ability to generate ideas. According to Linda Hill and co-authors…

July 22, 2014

In-home Wi-Fi Networks: Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Do you have broadband Internet service? If yes, most likely you also have a Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) for wireless connectivity in the home. Today, in-home Wi-Fi is almost ubiquitous in the countries with developed economies, and the penetration is only growing. A new iGR study forecasts that almost 98 percent of broadband…