University Partnerships

To strengthen relationships with universities and academic organizations to open up new paths for collaboration and game changing technology to the market.

The CableLabs University Program partners with universities across the world to bring game changing technology to the market.

The University Program prides itself on supporting professors who are passionate about their research and whose areas of expertise help improve and expand the cable industry. The collaboration between CableLabs and top-tier institutions brings important perspectives outside of the cable industry and helps drive innovation forward.

Case Study


  • University Team
    Professor Indrakshi Ray, Computer Science Department
    Professor Indrajit Ray, Computer Science Department
  • CableLabs Team
    Steve Goeringer, Principal Architect, Security
    Ronald Reuss, VP, Technology Strategy
  • Innovation Area: Internet of Things (IoT)

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A Vision for Secure IoT

The Project: IoT Security Testing

CableLabs’ ongoing project with Colorado State University (CSU) focuses on IoT Security and Testing. The IoT (Internet of Things) includes smart devices used in business and home environments. Leading the research are Professor Indrakshi Ray and Professor Indrajit Ray, faculty at CSU’s Computer Science Department. At their Fort Collins based research laboratory they hand-picked group of talented graduate students to assist them as they intensely tested atvariety of IoT devices in order to discover and seal the devices’ areas of vulnerability.

Steve Goeringer, a Principal Architect of Security at CableLabs had the chance togoupto Fort Collins and work with the professors face-to-face. He took away the importance of incorporating different perspectives into a project. The academic input in the problem of IoT security gave way tonew insights and presented the steps that need tobe taken moving forward.

Case Study


  • University Team
    Professor Gee-Kung Chang, School of Electrical and Computer Engineerin
  • CableLabs Team
    Steve Jia, Principal Architect, Wired Technologies
    Ronald Reuss, VP, Technology Strategy
  • Innovation Area: 5G (Wireless)

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The Project: 5G and the Fiber-Wireless Integration and Networking (FiWIN) Center

CableLabs’ ongoing project with the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) focuses onthe development and deployment of5G into the mobile and wireless spaces. The advance of5G allows more mobile broadband customers to use their devices at a higher data rate than what is offered now through 4Gor LTE. Additionally, 5G entering the marketplace lowers latency. This improvement to latency will ultimately have a huge impact on users who, for example, enjoy participating in live gaming or stream live sports like the Super Bowl or the Olympics. Steve Jia, a Principal Architect of Wired Technologies at CableLabs, had the chance to work closely with the team at Georgia Tech on this project.

In addition to the 5G project, CableLabs is also a sponsor of The Center for Fiber-Wireless Integration and Networking (FiWIN) at Georgia Tech and the University of Maryland. FiWIN focuses on discovering the next big thing in mobile communication systems. They hope toincrease “bandwidth, quality of service, and distribution over distances that can beas short asone meter and as long as hundreds of kilometers.”

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Founded in 1988 by members of the cable television industry, CableLabs is dedicated to partnering with those on the forefront of innovation. CableLabs works with top tier universities across the globe to support and drive innovation projects. By collaborating with passionate professors and students, new perspectives and points of view from outside the cable industry are presented, researched and explored. The goal is to together create a powerful think tank that works towards creating cutting edge technology and a more connected future.

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