Introducing #Fiterator3: CX, Edge Compute, and Cybersecurity

Lisa Schwab
Program Director, UpRamp

Aug 6, 2018

In late 2017, we graduated three incredible startups from the second Fiterator cohort. While we continue to collaborate with them and help them gain traction within (and outside of) our industry, they’re busy making over 40 deals happen - so it’s time to look into the future and introduce the 2018 Fiterator cohort!

We’re really excited about the technologies our new cohort brings to the table this year, ranging from identity security to AI-enabled VR/chat support to a twist on cloud computing. The teams are also pretty badass, and what’s even more exciting is how they are going to impact member companies and their customers. We’ve been hard at work vetting the technology, teams, and business models of these startups - and we’re excited to introduce them.

We proudly present Fiterator 2018:

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Meet the 4 Startups Selected for the First UpRamp™ Fiterator™ Program

Scott Brown
VP of Technology Outreach & Managing Director of UpRamp

Aug 8, 2016

UpRamp’s Fiterator launched earlier this year to offer startups an accelerator that offers actual deals, not just demo days. There are many programs out there that bring advice and introductions to the table… and sometimes even investment capital. But not always. Fiterator is different – it is more of a graduate program for later stage startups who already have a product, and are now looking for that elusive product/market fit in the global cable/broadband industry.

When we put out the call for applications to our first Fiterator session, we had a great response from so many awesome startups out there in the world. It was tough to narrow it down to just four, but it is critical for us to have a small number in each cohort to ensure that laser focus is placed on each company in order to make the most of our time together.

Without further ado, here are the four companies participating in the first Fiterator Summer Session.

Edgewater Wireless

Edgewater Wireless (YFI; TSX-V) is revolutionizing Wi-Fi infrastructure with their patented, multi-channel WiFi3TM technology powering next-gen access points, Small Cells and Wi-Fi/DAS solutions. WiFi3TM is the difference, delivering up to 50x greater throughput vs traditional Wi-Fi and dramatically lowering network infrastructure investment.

Edgewater Wireless commercializes leading edge wireless technologies for the service provider market. With a rich patent portfolio and some of the world’s most talented engineers, Edgewater Wireless is developing what service providers and your customers have long been asking for — vastly improved Wi-Fi network performance across a variety of industries and challenging environments with unparalleled performance, high flexibility and unsurpassed security.

For more information, check out the Edgewater Wireless website.


MediaHound is changing the way people share and discover new entertainment. It offers personalized search and discovery for videos. Users can build out universal taste profiles and connect to the friends and influencers they care about to discover new favorites in fun, social ways. User can find any movie, show, song, book, game, person, franchise, or genre within The Entertainment Graph, and get better recommendations that span all sources and media types.

Go to the MediaHound website for more information on the suite of apps provided.


VelociData rapidly cleanses, transforms, and protects streaming and batch data without the need for database or applications programming and without the need to change existing systems or infrastructure. Proven by more than a decade of use in exchanges and capital markets around the globe and backed by more than 40 patents, VelociData ESCA is the first Enterprise Streaming Compute Appliance.

Capitalizing on years of experience gained in the most demanding computing environment there is – high velocity trading – to bring transparent, performant stream computing to business applications of all kinds.

VelociData’s early adopters are Fortune 500 companies in Finance, Insurance, Health Care, and Retail who are seeking strategic business advantages by mastering stream computing before their competitors do.

Check out their website for more information.

Trinity Mobile Networks

TrinitySDN is a multi-network overlay SDN platform with client-side software designed from the ground up for smartphones and other moving, multi interface, and battery-constrained wireless devices. Cellular and Wi-Fi networks appear to end users as a single network. TrinitySDN seamlessly integrates Wi-Fi and mesh networks into people connectivity experience alongside their cellular connections. Trinity helps network operators provide the best QoS, regardless of connection type.

Trinity helps cable operators get the most out of their expansive Wi-Fi footprint. TrinitySDN coordinates cellular, Wi-Fi, and mesh connections for devices running a client-side software, called Jumpnet (available as a white-label solution). Jumpnet runs as an app on iOS and Android devices. TrinitySDN helps network operators’ control their subscribers' QoS while on Wi-Fi and improve network performance. Learn more at Trinity Mobile’s website.


Congratulations to the four participants! We are thrilled to get started.




Innovation Showcase

UpRamp™ – Connecting Networks, Creating Magic with a New Kind of Accelerator

Scott Brown
VP of Technology Outreach & Managing Director of UpRamp

Feb 10, 2016

For decades, CableLabs and our member cable operators have been at the forefront of the broadband revolution: connecting hundreds of millions of businesses and households to the Internet, connecting the many internet devices in the home, connecting families and the world to each other.

CableLabs has taken the next step to connect two of the most powerful networks in the world:  the exciting and growing network of startup companies, and the largest, most powerful broadband network in the world, run by our 55 global cable operator members.

UpRampTM is a new kind of accelerator designed to skillfully connect startups and cable operators to amplify innovation that improves people's experience with cable.  This is a new kind of accelerator for established startups and later stage emerging technology companies, designed to amplify startup success by guiding them to the world’s largest and most powerful broadband network.

Starting in March, UpRamp will open applications for the first startup accelerator designed to help emerging technology companies find true product/market fit within the global cable industry.  UpRamp is built to fill the gap between a startup’s time in a classic startup accelerator and their ability to scale a business for the massive cable and broadband industry.  Unlike traditional accelerators, UpRamp is closer to an executive MBA for startups; something we like to call a “Fiterator™”.

The UpRamp Fiterator is a 3 month, non-resident program for companies that already have a product in the market, have either raised capital or built a sustaining revenue stream, and are looking to engage real customers in this large and growing market.  While most accelerators close their program with a “demo day,” the outcomes of a Fiterator accelerator are real deals and reference customers.  This highly selective program is limited to four startups per cohort, with each startup gaining access to our network of over 250 senior level mentors from CableLabs and our member operators.

This past year, CableLabs did a pilot program of UpRamp with DeepField - working with them to find product market fit to great success.

“UpRamp is the logical next step in how CableLabs catalyzes innovation in the industry. DeepField is proud to be a beta tester of the Fiterator accelerator concept.  From identifying technology needs to facilitating industry-wide consensus on solutions, UpRamp helped bridge the gap between Deepfield startup innovation and broad industry adoption. Today, Deepfield is deployed in more than 85% of US cable companies and continues to work extensively with UpRamp on new areas of innovation that improve service quality, simplify network operations and power the next-generation of services,"  stated Dr. Craig Labovitz, CEO, Deepfield.

At CableLabs, our goal is to bring new innovation into the cable ecosystem.  With UpRamp, we are putting our expertise into the game, helping young companies find their fit and expand their network - because we believe that people, communities and companies thrive when networks connect.  And that is the magic.

Scott Brown is a Startup Catalyst at CableLabs.